Retail & E-Commerce Summit Asia 2022

Tapping into the endless opportunity growth

October 20 • Thursday 08:00 – 17:00 · Grand Hyatt Jakarta


As consumer behavior changed over the course of the pandemic, the ecommerce landscape has seen a very sig nificant growth that is to continue in the coming years. Though the expected growth figures look promising, chal lenges dont come only to be easily solved. As trends keep soaring in the charts, businesses can’t turn a blind eye on the effects of the ever changing market landscapes

In Southeast Asia, reports say that it has the fastest digital sales growth in the world,with a projected total $89.67 billion in 2022 as per GlobalData, and with a forecast of market volume of US$90.19bn by 2025 according to Statista. Among the four countries in the world that are said to produce faster growth rates compared to SEAs combined numbers are the Philippines and Indonesia. Because the ecommerce market is expected to grow at 23.8% this year, many market players are looking into expanding their businesses to penetrate and tap into the opportunities that online retailing can bring. In online payments, it is forecasted that by 2025, it will reach IDR753t in CAGR. This is proliferated by the rise of internet penetration and digital payments which is also projected to rise further at a rate of 22% CAGR between 20212025. Furthermore, it reported that alternative payment tools collectively account ed for 46.7% share in the total ecommerce value in Indonesia.” In the past year, several brands have partnered with banks to level up their services and keep up with the technological advancements. Like other countries, online shopping has become a wide trend without a foreseeable cease it even looks at further developments for seam less customer experience. Another trend spiking the reportsgraphs is the logistics industry. Due to the archipelag ic makeup in the country, it is a continuous challenge for many companies to achieve fast delivery fulfillment. But because of the many opportunities, alternatives and solutions are being put forward to address challenges met not only by the consumer but also by the ecommerce retailers 

As we move on from unpleasantries, there lies the endless opportunities and brands have yet to tap into these. Pro duced by Rockbird Media, the Retail & E-commerce Summit Asia 2022 Indonesia Edition is set to gather leaders of respectable brands across sectors to convene in highlevel sessions about the most pressing, timely and in demand topics in Retail & Ecommerce today curated only for you

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Mayank Singh

Mayank Singh

Chief Digital Officer & Vice President - Marketing & Technology, Domino’s Pizza Indonesia


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