Retail and E-commerce Summit Asia 2022: Wilcon’s SEVP-COO, Rosemarie Bosch Ong discusses what made her stay at Wilcon Depot for 38 years.

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There are only a few days left before the Retail and Ecommerce Summit Asia 2022 begins and we cannot wait to share with you some of the event’s glimpses as we approach the big day. In this spotlight interview, Rockbird Media conversed with Wilcon Depot’s SEVP-COO, Rosemarie Bosch Ong. She is a leader proficient in the Marketing, Administration and Operations area. Not only that but she is also the current President of Philippine Retailers Association which is the national organization of retailers and also considered as the Pulse and voice of Philippine Retail. 

Being a passionate and successful entrepreneur in a male-dominated retail construction industry, Ong has won the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Award in 2018. Rosemarie shared her insights on her career journey and Retail and E-commerce industry in the Philippines. 

Philippines’ e-commerce market has witnessed a progressive growth these past few years with its current revenue, 3.4 percent, equivalent to USD 12 billion to its GDP and with the administration’s plan to enlarge e-commerce contribution to 5.5%. It’s probably a possibility for continuous development for the next few years especially that we are now living in the digital era where people will expect everything to keep up with the trends and fads, mostly online. The retail and e-commerce industry plays a huge part in this matter therefore they must get their games up to catch on. Continual advancements and changes needed to be addressed will take place in order to achieve constant progress. 

Having to interview one of the successful people in the industry, we took this opportunity to ask Rosemarie what is that one thing she wants people to know about retail & e-commerce in the Philippines. The opinion of the COO on this matter is that everyone should think that brick and mortar is the only option, neither is e-commerce. In this generation, omni channel is the approach retail whereby they go with each other. 

“This is fusing online and offline stores to seamlessly provide a frictionless shopping experience.” 

Wilcon depot is the Philippine’s leading home enhancement and construction supplies retailer. It supplies substantial products from local and international brands of various tiles, plumbing, furniture, electrical, hardware, appliances and other home items. From their humble beginning, starting as a 60-square meter shop along Quezon Avenue, the business has now 76 operating stores nationwide and is known as the country’s leader in home improvement retail store. Rosemarie has been working in Wilcon Depot for over 38 years, starting out as a purchasing manager in 1984 and now the chief operating officer of one of the famous retailers in the country. 

Rosemarie’s admirable loyalty and dedication made us wonder about her almost-4-decade-long stay in the business. The COO’s response is that Wilcon has given her opportunity to grow in her career journey and is still deeply passionate in the industry to serve and provide the needs of homebuilders. 

Looking forward to Wilcon’s future plans, Rockbird Media asked about the next big thing that should be expected in Wilcon Depot. Rosemarie answered that the business will continuously develop as a brick and mortar and omni channel, serving their customers wherever they are through the company’s strong physical and digital track. They plan to marry both channels to serve excellence customer journey and experience. 

The retail and e-commerce industry plays a huge part in our everyday lives, providing us with our essential needs in new and different ways as we carry on living in the digital age where we witness everything change around us rapidly. Wilcon’s COO’s message to all the retail and e-commerce leaders in the Philippines is to “Be sustainable, flexible and agile. Invest in technologies that will benefit your business in the long run. Retailers need to constantly revisit their core values, rethink and reimagine and reinvent their brands position. One must be able to adapt accordingly to the changes and demands of the market.”

We gladly welcome all retailers to join us at the Retail and E-commerce Summit Asia 2022 on July 28th at City of Dreams Manila to witness Rosemarie Ong set the scene of the event and listen to other thought leader’s knowledgeable perspectives regarding the retail and e-commerce industry. 

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