SariSuki’s Bam Mejia On Fatherhood: “I have my two children as my motivation. I want to be a better father, and being a better father is someone that sees pride in himself.”

Manuel ‘Bam’ Mejia

The Retail and E-commerce Summit Asia 2022 comes in a few days and we are more than excited to present to you all the activities that await you, especially the featured thought leaders who will impart us their knowledgeable and brand new perspectives regarding the Retail and E-commerce industry. In the meantime, in this edition of our Spotlight Interviews, we highlight one of our respectable speakers, Manuel “Bam” Mejia, the Chief Commercial Officer of SariSuki. Bam leads the SariSuki commercial operations, breathing life into the visualized commercial strategies through performance excellence leading to exponential growth. Prior to SariSuki, Bam spent 17 years in Procter and Gamble, working in Manila and Singapore. The CCO has established brands and businesses across the Middle East and APAC region. Rockbird Media sat with the magnate to speak more about the journey of SariSuki while being a husband, and a father to his two children.

SariSuki is an e-commerce community selling platform that produces affordable, fresh groceries and other essential, everyday goods. It not just benefits the consumers and community leaders but they also supports local farmers and manufacturers. As for the story behind the social commerce startup, Bam shares that they came up with the idea in the midst of the pandemic lockdown when viber sellers emerged, selling essential goods. The lockdown has affected a lot of industries and that includes the retail industry. It truly affected the way people shop, buy and sell. In the midst of the crisis, Bam saw something on the bright side. He noticed how  the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipinos thrived. During the restrictions, a lot of Filipinos turned to their side gigs, seeing them from Viber selling groups. Together with Bam’s co-founders, they sensed a startup from there. It led them to address all the efficiencies in the supply chain, making excellent quality, affordable products conveniently available to customers and providing income opportunities for the aspiring resellers.

Outside the business world, Bam is a husband and a dad of two children. Similar to his business role, who is Bam Mejia as a head of the household? Bam reveals that he has been working in the corporate industry for over 17 years. He has been grateful for all the things he learned in his experiences. For the CCO, he has always seen himself as a picture of success to become an entrepreneur. That’s the personal itch he’s always had. Being friends with his co-founder, Bryan Cu for over 2 decades, they always wanted to do a startup and when that moment finally came to place, he was a bit young but that didn’t stop him to jump and go for it as everything went favorable for them – there seemed to be product market fit, a lot of supporters from their investors and their community leaders were doing well. That gave him the spirit to get out of his comfort zone. It took him a lot of courage. “To thank for that, I have my two children as my motivation. I want to be a better father, and being a better father is someone that sees pride in himself. So people can truly say ‘your dad is helping out thousands of people to have livelihood’, ‘he’s helping out thousands of farmers’”. He expressed that at the end of the day, that would make him proud whenever he comes home, hoping that when his children grow up, they will be proud that their father made a difference in making the country a better place. 

The entrepreneur also thanks his wife for being really supportive in spite of leaping into a wild and unknown place from his stable corporate job. The business man’s wife came from the corporate world as well and has been working in the corporate scene for local and multinational companies for over ten years. “She’s actually my lead marketer, my harshest critic but best supporter. I wouldn’t have made a jump without her.” Bam hopes that his family would be proud of him, contributing in making a difference, leading the Philippines better from where they picked up.

Closing the conversation, Bam has a message for all the retail and e-commerce leaders in the Philippines. “We’re all just trying to do our part. We’re all trying to solve a problem and hopefully there’s a viable business somewhere there.  I continually ask myself until this day, ‘Am I solving the right problem?’ ‘Am I solving it in the right way?’ That is my personal experience so I hope that leaders will often ask these questions to themselves in the most effective way, the most financially prudent way. That’s how I approach it everyday. I’m amazed how the Filipinos’ entrepreneurial spirit is there. I’m inspired by the community leaders who do this full time, part time, who are like a newborn baby in this industry, trying to sell groceries online. Aside from the motivation from my family, they’re the ones who keep me going. So find your motivation, too. It will always be tough, especially how the economic system is going. It’s getting tougher and tougher – inflation, a looming recession. So what will hold you steady is that motivation, getting grounded and focusing on what makes the business truly a business. Ask yourselves, ‘Is there truly a problem worth solving?’ ‘Are we creating the solutions day to day to solve that problem?’’’


For more of Bam Mejia’s insightful thoughts about the retail and e-commerce industry, Rockbird Media is very glad to welcome you to join him and the other prestigious thought leaders in Panel Discussion – Winning the customer attention: Building a competitive and strong D2C strategy at the Retail and E-commerce Summit Asia 2022.  


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