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Advancing a Universal Concept of Beauty: Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc.’s Endeavor towards Inclusivity

Denice Sy, the esteemed Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc., possesses extensive expertise in the retail industry, accumulated over a period of nearly 9 years.  During her illustrious career, she graciously unveiled the pivotal secret that helped mold her into what she is now and the decisiveness she possessed in executing her professional duties.

“It’s really the confidence to speak my mind and also the ability to objectively research beforehand before making decisions”

Her journey from being a Key Account Supervisor in 2014 up to now where she has more responsibilities and handles bigger accounts being the Chief Sales Marketing Officer was rooted in her preparation. 

“I think there’s never really preparation for anything except actually doing the work.”

In her professional pursuits, she dedicatedly immersed herself and strived to optimize her work hours to the fullest extent. This entailed actively seeking knowledge through extensive questioning, gradually acquiring insights on how to enhance processes, drive sales, and contribute to the achievement of sales targets. Through this iterative process of learning and improvement, she experienced personal growth and steadily progressed in her career.

As Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. celebrates four decades of dedicated service in the beauty industry, the company finds itself brimming with enthusiasm for the forthcoming wave of innovations. Denice revealed that people should eagerly anticipate the unveiling of numerous vibrant color cosmetics in the upcoming months. These new additions promise to evoke a renewed sense of happiness and beauty among individuals. The company’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products ensures that customers will be delighted by the exciting offerings that lie ahead.

More to that is the revelation of the new male endorser, scheduled to be announced during the fourth quarter of this year. By featuring a male endorser for their cosmetic products, the company aims to promote inclusivity and convey the message that beauty is for everyone, that it is genderless and transcends boundaries.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. envisions a future where Filipino beauty is celebrated and valued even more. Currently, Ever Bilena leads the local beauty space and the industry’s strides in offering internationally acclaimed Filipino beauty products, reflecting a commitment to excellence on a global scale.

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