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Enhancing Customer-Centricity: Colgate-Palmolive’s Exemplary Practices

“It’s really being open to what the consumer needs and what the consumer wants and having as much innovation as possible to delight and surprise them, and make their journey easy, understanding what are the main things that most of your consumers are hoping to see and then making the content and experience,  making the UX really respond and be user-friendly, so that they can complete their journey much faster.”

Bea Atienza’s extensive professional background in strategic planning and her 18 years of experience as a seasoned marketer provide her with a significant advantage in her current role as the Impactful Brand Experience Leader at Colgate-Palmolive. Her effectiveness stems from the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional consumer experiences and products by identifying and addressing the underlying issues.

“It’s always a reminder for me to look at solutions outside our own industry. Sometimes we tend to look at what we’ve done in the past and think that if we’ve done better than that, that’s already a job done. But there’s a big world out there that we can really be inspired by”.

Bea further emphasizes the utmost importance for retailers to prioritize their customers by adopting a highly consumer-centric approach. This involves not only comprehending their needs but also assisting them in resolving their concerns, while also tailoring enticing offers that truly captivate the consumer. Moreover, it entails presenting opportunities for customers to explore new experiences and products.

From Bea’s perspective, in the near future, managing the diverse array of players within the retail industry is poised to become increasingly challenging. This underscores the significance of modern marketing practices and how retailers have shifted their focus toward relationship management strategies.

When asked what advice can she give to the retail and e-commerce leaders, she expressed:

“There’s always a lot of innovations and technology that will come our way. So, there are things that we have to evaluate what is important and what’s not, we have yet to see what the role of AI will be. That’s something that we must continue to evaluate and maximize as possible”.

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