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Tier One Entertainment’s Tryke Gutierrez: “What keeps me motivated is to make sure that no future gamer will ever feel that there’s no option at all. ”

In this recent time, the esports industry’s growth has been spiking up the past few years. The Philippines stands out as one of the key esports to watch within Asia that even experts say that Philippines’ e-sports can be a game changer. In this new gen industry, Tryke Gutierrez, the CEO of one of Southeast Asia’s biggest esports talent platforms, Tier One Entertainment, shared who he is as a leader – Tryke really believes in the gaming industry and has found a way to be able to institutionalize what gaming is in the country and across SEA in regards to talent management, esports team and media properties and he has always wanted gaming to be a part of someone’s future.  

In retail and ecommerce in the Philippines, Tryke perceived that Filipinos take loyalty seriously in their culture. Filipinos tend to stick with a brand from their very young age until they grow up which is what really matters in the marketing space. “You have to capture them at a young age and eventually grow with them as time passes by.” In relation to Tier One Entertainment, Tryke shared that they have created a way to promote things outside of gaming, through gaming and have done that to multiple brands. He thought of creating their own consumer brand since they already have their marketing machinery. 

Tier One’s mission is to connect brands with unique gaming audiences like never before. Tryke has always been a gamer since his youth, he would play DOTA in an internet shop just like any other college gamer and doing that full-time has become something he wanted to pursue. However, he never had the chance to go for it at that point in his life because there were no e-sports opportunities in the Philippines back then. Looking at other countries like Korea, China and the USA, there are a lot of open doors in the gaming industry. Tryke thought to himself, “Why not here in Southeast Asia?” Fast forward to today, Tier One already has 150 plus employees, a thousand creators, multiple teams with multiple championships and different disciplines in the video game industry. “What keeps me motivated is to make sure that no future gamer will ever feel that there’s no option at all. ”

Find out more about Tryke Gutierrez’s perspectives about influencer marketing at the 4th Retail and Ecommerce Summit Asia on July 12th and 13th at Shangri La The Fort, BGC.

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